•Dr. Fady Gemayel Elected President of The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers • • Dr. Fady Gemayel Elected President of The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers •

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues in Paper and Packaging Industry,    

The Arab Federation for Paper ,Printing, and Packaging Industries, has always played a major role over the years through book making, and throughout generations, the Federation has modeled a “main” element in the Arabia overall development by becoming the principal mean for the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization. Despite the impact of the digital world, the damaged paper manufactures did not surrender yet and continue to play an important economical role nowadays . As an Arab Federation, we are striving to keep up with economical development and to highlight on all available assets.

The usage of paper and cardboard  for packaging has surpassed the logistic role of ensuring safe delivery to the consumer, it has been upgraded to a so-called “silent seller” promoting goods and contributing in several economical ways by boosting our exports, whilst we are making sure to keep pace with the development of this industry, considering the importance it represents projecting a good image of the Arab products reaching a wide variety of consumers demands, and adding value to the product aiming to reach the global market and creating jobs for our Arab youth.

Paper manufacturing has gained a growing importance, both locally and globally, regarding its huge contribution in the recycling process, and being considered as a major pillar in what’s known as “Green productions”,  a backbone to the “Green economy” globally, and an opportunity to expand our production.

To our pride, a lot of Arab industrialists are owners to paper and packaging industries across America, Europe, South America and all over Africa.

As mentioned, we are standing face to face with challenges and responsibilities to meet the current and the future needs of our Arab markets and its productions, in a way that can grant self-sufficiency by working on providing raw materials particularly from waste paper, Yet being careful to avoid exceeding our needs.

Dear colleagues, amongst all these potentials, challenges and opportunities, comes the role of the Arab Federation as a meeting point between the coworkers. And probably the best we can do during these critical times, is to get over competition and join our forces to conquer the challenges and face globalization as strong united constitutions able to stand side by side and empower each others,  in order to avoid "dumping" by foreigner manufacturers from across the globe, threatening our economy and the future of our youth, while our coalition is our only salvation to address the substitute products.

Our strength relies on our union, together we will be able to build a “promising future” for our youth and provide them decent work opportunities.

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